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The Best Mulches

June 11, 2012

Mulch is great for the garden. Use this guide to help you find the best type for your landscape.
Why Mulch
Spreading mulch over your garden soil is the best way to save time and energy in your yard. Mulch helps the soil hold moisture so you don’t have to water as often. It also suppresses weeds. And over time, mulches…

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Tips for Growing an Organic Vegetable Garden

Enjoy healthy, tasty, organic vegetables fresh from your garden.
Try these tips for success.
Starting Out Right
For the healthiest plants, make sure you have good growing conditions. For most vegetables, that means full sun (at least 6 hours of direct sun a day). If you have poor soil, amend it with lots of organic matter, such as compost.
Choose Plants Sensibly
Some plants,…

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Determining Your Garden’s Soil and Light

May 29, 2012

Clay or sand, sun or shade: these factors determine which plants will grow well and which will fail, so spend a little time getting to know your garden’s conditions.
Testing Your Soil
There are two main types of soil particles: sand and clay. Sand particles are relatively large and water drains freely through the spaces between them, while clay particles are…

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Organic Gardening Techniques Help Control Pests

May 24, 2012

There are many benefits and lessons to learn from organic gardening. Among them is how to control insects through plant diversity.
When insects like bees and leafhoppers can control their own populations, there’s no need for pesticides. Insects keep themselves in natural check because some of them are natural predators of each other, says organic expert Erica Renaud at Seeds…

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The Secrets to Successful Planting

May 16, 2012

Get your garden off to a great start with these tips for sowing and transplanting.
One sunny morning coming soon, you’ll feel an irresistible urge to plant your garden. Before you pick up a trowel or open a seed packet, check out these hints to help you succeed.

Transplanting Seedlings

Whether it’s a flat of bedding plants from a nursery or seedlings…

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