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Perfectly Imperfect: What Makes A Garden Beautiful

October 8, 2012

Every second Thursday of the month I have my mother-in-law over for an evening of cocktails and chatter in my garden. It’s an effort I started shortly before marrying my husband in hopes of establishing a better “mother-daughter” relationship between the two of us. Needless to say, the affair took a while to settle into a tolerable experience, because…

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Sagaponack Goes Boom

Anyone who has driven down one of the bucolic lanes in Sagaponack can see it. A virtual explosion of plywood, concrete, balled trees, dumpsters, and piles of soil off to the side of properties, lying in wait for final grading. The roads are streaked with dirt, and the sounds of construction boom across the fields.

The size, scale, and quantity…

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How to Create a Successful Hardscape

Hardscaping is an attractive feature and offers many appealing options, from a rustic stacked wall to a fully developed outdoor living room and kitchen. Once you’ve decided to create an outdoor space, you must plan carefully to meet your hardscaping goals.

“Research really pays off, especially when you consider that a fixed object in the landscape is not going to…

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Growing Fruit Trees in Containers

Even if you have limited space, you can still enjoy fresh fruit. Although not all fruit trees thrive in containers for long periods of time, you can grow any fruit tree in a container for a few years and then transplant it. You can also choose a dwarf variety, which is well suited to living in a container.

Some of…

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Gardening in the Fall: Preparing for a Frost

Once autumn begins, it’s a good time to start thinking about frosts and freezes and the effect they can have on your plants. Most garden plants, assuming they’re hardy in your area, will weather the winter without any problem. An abrupt, early freeze may cause them to drop their leaves prematurely or cause some tissue damage, but most will…

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