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Our Approach

Our Approach

Our Approach

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Our Landscaping Philosophy

BALANCE, by definition, is a biological system that enables us to know where our bodies are in the environment and provides the point of reference that, if attained, will keep us healthy. Balance is also the lofty goal we strive for with respect to the care of the natural world we work in. Today we are flooded with the words “organic,” “green,” “natural” and “sustainable.” However, none of them hold much value without balance, and whether we realize it or not we all strive for it in one sense or another. By pursuing an balanced approach to the care of the landscapes of our clients we can create and sustain the natural environment that surrounds their homes.

Conversely, the use of extensive pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides, all of which are man-made and engineered chemicals, does nothing more than control the immediate symptoms or problems that arise. These chemical solutions do nothing for the overall health of the plants themselves in the same way that taking an aspirin does nothing to cure the common cold. Therefore, our philosophy is simple: we will take care of the landscapes that we are entrusted with in the same manner a personal trainer cares for a professional athlete. We will strive for simple beauty, fluidity of movement and most of all, balance. After all, plants are just like us!

Completely proactive in nature, our approach is to develop productive relationships with our clients that allow for a constant flow of communication. Our experience allows us the ability to facilitate almost all of the outdoor services that a client could need with respect to the landscape.

Our complete range of services allows our clients the freedom to enjoy the beauty, tranquility, and privacy that the Hamptons are known for without the need to micro-manage multiple service companies.

We can design, install and maintain a wide variety of properties, from beach homes in Amagansett to classic estates in Southampton Village. Our concept revolves around a three-step approach: diagnosis, implementation and managed sustainability. The first and most important of all steps involve getting a clear picture of the one thing that we cannot physically see: the SOIL. Once a thorough soil analysis is completed, then a custom blueprint can be devised to guide us towards renovation and/or proper management of each individual property.

Our motto is “right plant, right place.” What does this mean? In a sustainable landscape, regardless of whether it is a single grass blade or a 40-foot Metasequoia, if planted in the wrong environmental condition it will decline no matter what level of maintenance is involved.

This is often why the vicious cycle of chemical dependency begins, along with the constant need for costly inputs. By careful attention to soil conditions, sun exposure, and moisture levels that exist in the landscape, the right choices can be made with respect to the right plant that can thrive in those conditions. Our design philosophy revolves around the installation of plants that complement each other and fit the existing cultural conditions. By using a mixture of companion plantings, native species and the occasional touch of the exotic, we can mimic the beauty of nature and its resilient and independent nature.
Taking over an existing landscape does not always mean complete renovation.

By developing a customized plan based on soil analysis, we can begin the recovery of the landscape. With specific organic inputs, we can rehabilitate and nurture the landscape back to a level that can eventually limit costs and create sustainability. Our ideal business model actually involves decreasing our involvement over time. This is the true definition of sustainability: less inputs and more output!

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