Heirloom Gardens

Heirloom Gardens has the only fully accredited organic land care professionals exclusively servicing the East End of Long Island for over 10 years. We provide sustainable and traditional landscape design, installation and complete maintenance services.

When Heirloom Gardens designs, installs or maintains your outdoor environment, you enjoy impeccable service, deep caring personnel and stunning results. From day-to-day details to striking outdoor organic landscapes, you’ll appreciate your surroundings and know that you’re doing the right thing for your family and pets.

Every year, more and more Eastern Long Island homes improve their properties with Heirloom Gardens – let us do the same for yours.

About You

Yes, about you…..after all we are a service company and our primary concern is YOU. Most organizations take this time to discuss themselves, their accreditations and accomplishments. We believe this to be counterproductive. We see ourselves as a team of individuals, working together, with a combined set of skills, with one pro-active mission: the complete satisfaction of our clients. Anything short of that goal is unacceptable by our standards.
Other companies strive to educate their customers about the service or product they offer. We believe that our clientele are some of the most highly educated and knowledgeable individuals in the country, they do not need us to educate them. Instead, we offer clear and concise choices and suggestions based on nearly twenty-five years of industry knowledge and a sincere passion for the outdoors. A passion that has led us to rewrite the mission of our company and restructure our business model.
Our business model and philosophy needed to be consistent with our clients, who are health-minded, active and involved. We’ve chosen to focus on natural and organic methods as a better alternative in caring for your landscape.
The choice to take a leadership role in the use of organics on the east end of Long Island has helped us improve the outdoor environment and provides everyone with peace of mind and certainty that we are carrying out our mission: to continue as responsible stewards of the land, working with what exists naturally, striving to create and maintain beautiful landscapes without the use of harsh and destructive inputs.